Kuppmen Music FTW

Hi everyone,

I'm proud to announce that I am joining the Kuppmen Music family!

I'll be playing their amazing "Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Drumsticks 5B" that you could already see on some of my latest videos.

Check out their stuff it's incredible! 

Related link: https://www.kuppmenmusic.com/artist/jonas-sanders/


Hello y'all, I've been forgetting to update you on the past few month but the only reason is that I've been lucky enough to be incredibly busy as the business is back to normal again.

 I've been spreading my time in between recording drums in my studio and gigging like crazy again so look out for the releases and shows coming up!

The Summer is not over and I still have plenty of shows lined up so I'm sure I'll see some of you around!

Please have a look at the TOURDATES and RELEASES section as they are always up to date!

 Cheerz to all and long live rock n roll! HELL YEAH! 

Related link: http://jonassanders.net/tourdates


Hey everyone, 

Music is starting to be alive again and how great it feels! I had the luck to perform in a few places already and the feeling is underscribable. Thank you all for showing up at the Killthelogo concert at Werchter ParkLife this past Summer and thanks for the sold out show in Le Botanique for the Emptiness release party of VIDE recently released on Season of Mist. It's was heartwarming to see you all again and to share our the hard work we did during this pandemic. 

Here is a glimpse on the upcoming shows that are booked for the end of the year (Check the tourdates section for more) 

Nov 06 Komah at Zingem Beeft (Zingem, BE)
Nov 10 The Terminal at Le Botanique (Brussels, BE)
Nov 28 Killthelogo at Vort n Vis (Ypres, BE)
Dec 03 Killthelogo at Ancienne Belgique (Brussels, BE)

I also got busy in the studio producing and tracking drums for various artists. Make sure to visit the releases section not to miss any of the releases I worked on ;)

More soon! 

Related link: https://www.abconcerts.be/fr/agenda/killthelogo/a105J000004WYrpQAG

UPDATE 100548765


it's has been a while!

Check this out, Killthelogo is a new project I joined a lil' while ago and we recently release our first single "Riot as One". Go check the video out by clicking the link below!

More cool stuff are in the works in Blackout Studio, I invite you to go check our page out: https://www.facebook.com/blackout.multimedia.studio 

Related link: https://youtu.be/GsG1gmagyI4

FALL 2020

Hey everyone,

Sad news from the ProPain clan. Unfortunatly, due to the pandemic & the travel ban on US citizens, we were forced to cancel all 2020 remaining shows. We hope for better days and cannot wait to hit the stage again in 2021 (if everything goes for the best). We'll be back with a new album and tons of energy to share so stay tuned.

You can still support the band by ordering some merch online via the link below. It is for US only for now, but we are working on our EU store as we speak and it should be online in the next few weeks.  

It's not all doom and gloom, some shows are happening thankfully, here is where you can come and meet me on stage like the "good ol' dayz"

1st of October: The Slippery Slippers @ la Porte Noire (Brussels)
2nd of October: Of Blood and Mercury @ Lakenmetershuis (Gent)
3rd of October: Thelma Ramon @ Lakenmetershuis (Gent) 

Related link: https://pro-pain.onlineweb.shop/