FALL 2020

Hey everyone,

Sad news from the ProPain clan. Unfortunatly, due to the pandemic & the travel ban on US citizens, we were forced to cancel all 2020 remaining shows. We hope for better days and cannot wait to hit the stage again in 2021 (if everything goes for the best). We'll be back with a new album and tons of energy to share so stay tuned.

You can still support the band by ordering some merch online via the link below. It is for US only for now, but we are working on our EU store as we speak and it should be online in the next few weeks.  

It's not all doom and gloom, some shows are happening thankfully, here is where you can come and meet me on stage like the "good ol' dayz"

1st of October: The Slippery Slippers @ la Porte Noire (Brussels)
2nd of October: Of Blood and Mercury @ Lakenmetershuis (Gent)
3rd of October: Thelma Ramon @ Lakenmetershuis (Gent) 

Related link: https://pro-pain.onlineweb.shop/


Hey all,

We are now closing in on 6 months away from the stages and even if I miss it every day, it at least gave me some time to get back to writing music and produce a bit more.

Your support over the past months has been great! I thank you for your positive vibes and for helping me going forward in these troubling times. 

I decided to release a selection of my instrumental work in an EP called "Lockdown" and that is now available on bandcamp. Go check it out, enjoy and I hope you will dig it.

Big thanks to Adam Phillips for adding killer solo's to some of the tracks.


Related link: https://jonassanders.bandcamp.com/releases


Hi everyone, 

Today marks the release of the debut album of OF BLOOD AND MERCURY called "Strangers". It is released on  Consouling Sounds and is available on all digital platforms as well as in regular LP and CD format. Check out the bandcamp link below to purchase your copy.

Also, with all this time on our hands due to the lockdown, I wrote few songs, all available on my youtube channel and I would like to thank you all for the great feedbacks I received over the last few weeks I means a lot! If you haven't checked it yet, make sure to go and do it NOW :p

Stay safe! 

Related link: https://ofbloodandmercury.bandcamp.com/album/strangers-2


Hi everyone, 

I hope you are all still doing fine in this lockdown. If anything else, this "free time" has given me the opportunity to work for myself and write music again. I am finding this to be quiet releaving since everything is on stand by and Brussels has not been so quiet since...well forever and inspiration has been flowing quiet a lot.

I recorded the drums for the new EMPTINESS album that will come out later on this year or the next via Season of Mist and the process was really great. I ended up recording the shells and the cymbals separatly for the first time and the result is stunning. Of course, the music called for it and I would not recommend it for all but in this case, MAAAAN it is gonna kick ass!

Also, I worked on my OneManBand thingy and two songs came out so far that you can check on my youtube channel (check link below) and more will come. Work and write with my lady is the next thing on the list. We worked on few things so far but having such a quality string player at home is priceless. You will see! It will be something else.

On this note, I wish you all the best! 

Related link: https://www.youtube.com/jonassanders


Hey Everyone,

I hope you are all doing fine during this strange times facing the COVID-19 lockdown. Due to this sanitary crisis we unfortunately had to cancel our US tour with Pro-Pain managing to play one of the 33 shows that were lined up. This decision was the safest and smartest measure to take considering the current situation and we feel blessed that we could rejoin our homelands and families in time before any travel ban was in place.

I'm sending all the positive vibes I can to all of you that are stuck here or there away from your loved ones and a friendly reminder, STAY HOME. Indeed it has never been so easy to help avoid this crap to spread around so enjoy the quiet times at home and use it to rest, create, reflect on what you could bring to your community.

And of course, stay tuned, new material is coming your way folks!


Related link: http://www.youtube.com/jonassanders

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