Jonas Sanders began his journey with the drums when he was four. Born in Brussels, he was immersed in music thanks to his family in which art and music held great significance. As he grew older, his passion only intensified. Jonas's dedication to his craft led him to pursue classical training at the Music Academy of Brussels, where he graduated with the highest honors. In the following years, he enrolled at the Jazz Department of The Royal Conservatory of Brussels under the tutelage of Bruno Castellucci. During his study years, he collaborated with renowned musicians like Jean-Louis Rassinfosse and Michel Hatzigeorgiou, who played instrumental roles in shaping his unique style and musical personality. 

At fourteen, Jonas embarks on his first venture into the metal scene, joining his first band Dark Sensation. This experience exposed him to the excitement of live performances and studio recordings. Over the years, Jonas developed his drumming skills by playing with several bands including Emptiness, Angel Crew, Resistance, and Komah. These opportunities enhanced his professional growth and allowed him to tour internationally with esteemed acts such as Kataklysm, Misery Index, Death Angel, Vader, Belphegor, Darkest Hour, and many others.

Since 2011, Jonas has been the official drummer of the New York-based hardcore band Pro-Pain. With them, he has toured Europe extensively performing at renowned venues and festivals like Graspop, Hellfest, Summerbreeze, Bloodstock Open Air, Metal Days, Brutal Assault, Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Reload Festival,... Pro-Pain has also taken him across the United States and Canada and he had the honor of playing on the main stage of the Rock al Parque Festival 2014 in Bogota, Colombia, captivating an audience of over 120.000 people.

Jonas continues collaborating with a diverse array of artists live and in the studio and is, since 2017, part of the Blackout Studio team in Brussels where he produces and coaches artists, sharing his vision and career advice to a growing community of musicians.

Jonas Sanders is proudly endorsed by: STAGG /  EVANS /  KUPPMEN sticks /  PEARL drums


My new project HORRIBLE released its debut album called "Filth" on February 14th, and you can watch the video for our first single here below or on our YouTube channel!

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2024-07-20 Pro-Pain DB's, Utrecht (NL)  
2024-08-02 Pro-Pain Sticky Fingers Festival, Marktredwitz (DE)  
2024-08-03 Pro-Pain Full Rewind Festival, Löbnitz (DE)  
2024-08-04 Pro-Pain Free & Easy Festival, Munich (DE)  
2024-08-07 Pro-Pain Bastard Club, Osnabruck (DE)  
2024-08-08 Pro-Pain 7er Club, Mannheim (DE)  
2024-08-09 Pro-Pain Berg Feest, Tessenderloo (BE)  
2024-08-10 Pro-Pain Alcatraz Festival, Kortrijk (BE)  
2024-08-15 Wyatt E Arctangent, Bristol (UK)  
2024-08-30 Wyatt E Down the Hill, Aarschot (BE)  
2024-10-26 Komah La Guerre des Gaules, Chênée (BE)  
2024-11-13 Pro-Pain MC Fabrika, Ceske Budejovice (CZ)  
2024-11-14 Pro-Pain Zluty Pes, Pardubice (CZ)  
2024-11-15 Pro-Pain Sokolovna, Kojetin (CZ)   
2024-11-16 Pro-Pain Rokac, Jablunkov (CZ)  
2024-12-05 Pro-Pain Old Capitol, Langenthal (CH)  
2024-12-06 Pro-Pain Eisenwerk, Frauenfeld (CH)  
2024-12-07 Pro-Pain Marmot Festival, Frutigen (CH)  
2024-12-08 Pro-Pain Sunset Bar, Martigny (CH)